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A new face at Dover’s Library

By Stephen Press
Hometown Weekly Staff

Visitors to the Dover Town Library (DTL) are used to fresh surprises. Whether it’s the latest issue of one’s favorite magazine, a new program on offer, or a virtual reality experience, visitors to the brick building on Dedham Street seem to have no shortage of options in the “brand-spanking-new” department. For the last week, though, there’s been an even more unique surprise than usual: a new welcoming face.

Just inside the brightly-lit doorway of the library’s Children’s Room, Nancy Tegeler converses with a handful of smiling kids and parents. Tegeler, former Children’s Librarian at the Bedford Free Public Library, has come to Dover to be the library’s Head of Children’s Services. To say the least, it is a job she is excited to do.

“Dover has a great reputation for outstanding service, very unique offerings, and very dynamic programs,” she says. “It was definitely on my radar.

“It’s very exciting,” she gushes, further expanding upon the DTL’s reputation for progressive thought. “The Dover Library definitely pushes the envelope in terms of what other libraries are doing. In Bedford, we had very few items other than books that we lent out versus the hundreds that they have here. I’ve noticed that almost every family checks out a toy on their way out, so it’s definitely very popular.

“The American Girl dolls have not been here since I got here last week,” she mentions to emphasize her last point. “They’re all checked out.”

Aside from her love of working with books and children, Tegeler’s excitement for the DTL’s expansive offerings makes her appear the perfect fit for her position.

“I love the fact that play is a really important element of the children’s room and our programming,” she says. “Also in the lending out of toys and in the way the room is organized. Kids learn through play, and it’s really important that the library supports that.”

And the patrons themselves?

“Everyone’s been very friendly,” says Tegeler of the folks she’s met in her first week. “The programs are very well attended - there’s a big following. The library is very nice - the building - and I love the children’s room. I love the little exploration center that we have - people are engaged right away when they come into the library.

“Right now, I’m trying to meet the patrons and get to know the community,” she says, mentally mapping out her first steps as Head of Children’s Services. “I’m really hoping to do some outreach to the schools, the preschools and daycares, and groups like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and the Dover Mother’s Association. Really see how the library can support their programs.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know this place,” she concludes as a couple kids walk off with books under their arms. “I’m not planning to make any dramatic changes - they do a lot of great things here.”

The community is invited to welcome the Dover Town Library’s newest staff addition as she begins to make her own unique contributions to those great things.

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