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Dover BOH issues E. Coli update

The Dover Board of Health has issued an update for those affected by the Colonial Water wells located on Draper Road, Francis Street, and Knollwood Drive. The Dover Board of Health urges residents who are customers of Colonial Water Company and have experienced recent onset diarrhea, fever, or chills as of June 5th or later to contact their primary care physician and notify the Board of Health at

As of now, all residents using the affected wells should continue to boil their water before using. This includes for drinking, ice, food preparation, brushing teeth, and washing dishes until further notice. Residents watering plants where water would come in direct contact with edible fruit, like strawberries and tomatoes, should also treat water before using.

Colonial Water is actively working to fix the wells. An updated issued on June 16 noted that operators had been permitted by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to begin chlorination and flushing to clean the water. Results will become available shortly. More information about this process can be found in the update found here.

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