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Farm Pond open after E. coli concerns

Farm Pond has opened back up for swimming following E. coli concerns. An update posted on the Sherborn town website notes that the water was tested for the bacteria on Thursday, August 27. The E. coli level was reported at 107 MPN per 100 ml. The state level is 235, making the water at Farm Pond within an acceptable range. With normal results, the Sherborn Board of Health has removed the no swimming signs. There are no lifeguards currently on duty, but pond visitors are allowed to swim at their own risk.

Though the E. coli results came back normal, officials warn about a potentially dangerous algal bloom growing in the pond. While the risk is low, officials haven't received testing results yet. Pond-goers are advised to avoid swimming areas with the algae, swallowing the pond water, and getting it in their eyes.

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