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Border collies fly at Sherborn Library

By Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

This past Saturday, Sherborn families gathered together outside of the Sherborn Library, bonding over coffee and donuts. All of the attendees eagerly anticipated the event of the day: The High Flying Dogs led by Mike Piazza. Piazza is the number one professional K-9 frisbee performer in the world.

As Piazza set up, “Who Let The Dogs Out?” by the Baha Men blasted over the speaker; a perfect song as everyone awaited to meet the dogs.

“Are you guys ready to meet the first dog?” Piazza shouted, as the song ended. The crowd erupted in cheers as Piazza let out the first dog of the show, a border collie named Mojo. Mojo impressed the crowd with backflips and walking on his back legs.

Piazza shared that he had five dogs in total: “all five dogs are my best and all five dogs are border collies. All five are related.” He went on to say that border collies are the most intelligent breed of dog. He informed the crowd that he adopted all of his dogs, stressing the importance of adopting, rather than shopping for dogs.

Piazza called for six helpers, all of the children in the crowd were eager to throw their hands up and participate. He informed the children that their goal for this contest was to have Mojo do the coolest trick. Each child gave their best toss of the frisbee to Mojo; one little girl, “Hailie with the cool hair,” was able to make Mojo perform a backflip to catch the frisbee! She won the gold medal, toting it proudly.

The “gold medalist” was put in charge of the next frisbee throwing contest. Her mother and three other adult volunteers came before the crowd: their mission was to spin around as fast as they could for fifteen seconds and throw their frisbee. Whoever threw the frisbee Mojo caught, would be awarded a gold medal by the winning judge. Hailie’s mother threw the caught frisbee. “You are like the Phelps family!” Piazza stated with a laugh.

The late morning event included several other activities, such as a parents vs. kids frisbee throwing contest, a battle of the dogs, and a photo-op with the dogs at the end.

For more information about the High Flying Dogs, check out their website: and for more information about events like this, check out the Sherborn Library website:

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