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A young poet’s dream

By Avonlea Cummings

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Poetry, with its whimsical nature, has the power to guide readers through a poet's thoughts and emotions, conveyed in a captivating sequence of words. Often associated with literary giants like William Shakespeare and Robert Frost, poetry evokes memories of lengthy school lessons dedicated to stanzas, alliteration, and sonnets. However, it encompasses much more than mere word arrangement; it is infused with profound sentiment, stemming from a poet's genuine emotions, which in turn unburden their heart.

Poetry serves as a mental exercise in creativity, amplifying the depth of expression behind the intricate message it carries. Marcie Schwartz, at the Sherborn Town Library, conducted a three-week workshop in July for young students in grades 1 to 5. The workshop aimed to instill the fundamental aspects of poetry while highlighting how this art form can amplify the voices of young hearts. With a background in rehabilitation poetry, Schwartz believes that transcribing words onto paper aids in the healing process, offering solace to those grappling with wounds. Over the three-week period, Schwartz guided the participants, nurturing and honing their poetic abilities within the community room of the Dover Town Library.

In the culminating session of this workshop, Schwartz orchestrated a lesson centered around comparison poetry, interwoven with the vibrant world of colors. Encircling themselves, the children collaborated to craft a collective poem before venturing into crafting individual color comparison poems. Schwartz, a retired Westwood teacher, thrives on engaging with children's education. Her hands-on approach, she believes, is the most effective means to foster children's understanding of novel concepts. Following the composition of their splendidly colorful poems, the children eagerly assembled at the crafting table to construct their kaleidoscopes.

Schwartz mused, "I relish telling the children that their words are akin to their palette. A poet's palette consists of words, painting vivid pictures through their eloquence. By incorporating colorful imagery and comparisons, children find comprehension to be more accessible."

As summer gradually winds down and August approaches, seize the opportunity to explore the events hosted by the Dover Town Library. Engage in the array of enriching experiences they offer!

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