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WPD addresses Westwood Woman’s Club

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The Westwood Woman's Club's Thursday, April 19, tour of the new Westwood Police Headquarters had to be postponed for the next program cycle. Instead, the police came to the club meeting at the COA. Members enthusiastically welcomed Sergeants Salcedo and Sicard to review the latest information on the many fraudulent telephone, mail and internet scams with promises of getting rich, helping stranded grandchildren, or finding romance, to name a few - but all with the same intention of taking people’s money, ID, or both.

The most recent operation follows the news that over the next 14 months, the US government is eliminating the social security numbers from Medicare transactions and assigning a new random number. This change has generated another round of phone tricks. However, the police specified that only the U.S. mail would be the method of sending the new Medicare numbers to recipients, and individuals should report anything by phone or otherwise suspicious to the local police.

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