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Martha Jones ‘Talent For a Cause’ helps Westwood families

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Martha Jones School students who participated in the "Talent for a Cause" after-school mini course put on their talent show in April.

The students raised $1,461 from the event, and donated the money to the Westwood Community Chest for the benefit of families in need in Westwood.

Kris McDonough is the lead teacher for the talent show along with Katelyn Pickering, Karen MacDonald and Deana Saada-Smith.

Sue Foscaldo and Nancy Deehan, a Westwood Community Chest volunteer and board member, collected the check from the students who participated, along with two of the teachers who ran the show.

In the picture with the students are Kris McDonough and Katelyn Pickering.

Proceeds benefit individuals and families facing financial difficulties. Funds raised by good people like these students go towards paying for the basic needs - medical expenses, utility bills and housing costs, and even camp costs (WCC camperships provide wonderful opportunities for physical, social and emotional growth to Westwood children whose families could not otherwise afford these summer programs).

All funds are distributed directly to the company or camp, not the individual applicant. Through the Westwood Community Chest’s community resource liaisons, additional resources may be made available to those in need.

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