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Medical Aid Fund invites applications

The best kept secret in the town of Walpole is the emergency medical aid fund that was established by Philip Allen in 1940. Mr. Allen was a long-time resident of Walpole and president of Bird and Sons, Inc, and he had a vision. When the fund was established there was no social safety net - no Medicaid or Medicare. Social Security was in its infancy. 

The original fund still exists under the name of the Walpole Emergency Medical Aid Fund (WEMAF). Any resident of the town of Walpole is eligible to receive benefits from the fund. There is no obligation on the part of a recipient, and all information is held in the strictest confidence.

The purpose of the fund is as the name implies, "emergency medical aid." It is not to be used for cases that are, or could be, covered by money from other public or private sources. Rather, it is to be used for additional things that are needed for the comfort and well-being of those who find themselves financially unable to procure complete treatment as a case warrants.

Recently, letters were sent to all of the clergy in Walpole and to the school nurses. The Town of Walpole Health Department, Selectmen, Council on Aging and Town Clerk have also been apprised of the fund. Many referrals have come to the committee from these sources over the past years.

Residents of the town of Walpole in need of emergency medical support are encouraged to reach out to the Medical Aid Committee for information about the fund or to request an application by emailing

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