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MFi launches COVID-19 grant effort

As the local foundation serving the town, the Medfield Foundation, Inc. (MFi) has launched an effort to provide grants to residents who are experiencing significant financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The MFi Public Need Fund is the vehicle through which the Medfield Foundation allocates money to support the public need in town. Donations made directly to the Public Need Fund benefit local residents who find themselves in difficult circumstances and who need a helping hand. On an annual basis, the funds available to address the needs of the community are raised through the generosity of the extended Medfield community, who volunteer and participate in the annual Medfield Foundation Angel Run.

Due to the current unprecedented COVID-19 public health emergency, many in the community are experiencing financial hardships due to lack of income, lack of childcare, more people in the home that need to be fed, and many other issues. It is anticipated that the needs will significantly outpace current resources.

In order to meet the immediate local need, it is the hope of the foundation that generous donors will join them to support the good work being done during these challenging and uncertain times by making a donation to the MFi Public Need Fund. Information on how to donate can be found online at All distributions from the fund are made after review by local social service professionals.

Individuals and their families who have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and in need of emergency assistance, the MFi want to help. Visit to submit an online request form to receive support. Someone will follow up directly with you. Assistance comes in many forms, including financial support. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Individuals who would like more information before donating may contact Medfield Foundation President Evan Weisenfeld (508-740-4367 or or Medfield Foundation Treasurer Abby Marble (508-361-9825 or

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