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Gazebo concerts continue to impress

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By Amelia Tarallo
Hometown Weekly Staff

If there’s one thing Medfielders love during the summer, it’s their seasonal Thursday concerts on the gazebo. For a couple hours each Thursday, neighbors come to enjoy some new music, all while soaking in the warm summer evenings. July 25’s band, Back Pages, had the town excited to hear some good summer tunes.

Listeners happily laid out blankets on the green. Some unfolded chairs and enjoyed the concert with their family and friends. Others found spots around the green, on rocks and benches, and brought work with them to finish while enjoying some of the jams. With the concert starting at 7:00, many people took the opportunity to grab dinner from nearby restaurants. Others brought picnic dinners or snacks to munch on during the show.

The band played covers of some perfect summer tunes that seemed to rock everyone into a good mood. "Champagne Supernova" by Oasis, "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers, "Fix You" by Coldplay, and The Beatles' "Nowhere Man" were just a few songs Back Pages played during their two hour set.

About an hour into the concert, onlookers could observe a sea of blue balloons, bobbing in the air. This was the highlight of the concert for many of the kids in attendance. Using their balloons, the kids invented new games. A game of tag had some kids running between blankets and chairs, as their friends attempted to tap them and their balloon in a more complex version of the classic tag game. One girl, who lost her balloon, watched as it floated up and up, into the air, just before a kind volunteer came over and tied a new balloon onto her wrist. When balloons popped, kids wandered back to their parents to ask for a new one. One girl decided to tie her balloon to her small dog for safe keeping. “I don’t think he’ll float,” she giggled to her friend before running off to enjoy the concert.

Other kids, who had their fill of balloons, enjoyed swaying to the music. One even brought out his acoustic air guitar and pretended to play along with the band.

Even quadrupeds in attendance had a blast - Otis, one of the few dogs at the show, enjoyed releasing a few howls as if he was singing along with the band.

Nothing can beat a summer get-together that includes good music, balloons, food, and excellent company - and on that front, Medfield’s weekly gazebo concerts have continued to deliver.

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