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Well Done, Dover! – Recyclers Commended

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Dover commended its residents for their part in the town’s third “Bulky Item Recycle Week.” Thanks to the town’s participation, an astounding amount of material that is normally problematic for disposal was diverted from the waste/incineration stream free-of-charge to be re-used and recycled.

Collected in the first week of June were:
• 8,000 lbs. (4 tons) of private documents were shredded by Highland Shredding for recycling.
• 100 mattresses & box springs will be broken down for textiles, metals and wood.
• 30 cubic yards of rigid plastics will be broken down for raw materials.
• 43 tires will be broken down for re-use.
• 10 bikes changed hands among residents for re-use and 10 bikes went to “Bikes Not Bombs” to be refurbished and donated to the needy.

The town wishes to thank the Dover Recycling Committee, Superintendent of Streets, Transfer Station Staff and Dover County Properties for their support in this tremendous service to the community.

The next Bulky Item Recycle Week is slated for the first week of October.

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