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Letters to the Editor

An Italian American’s Perspective for YES on Question 1

I am an Italian-American resident of Wellesley, and I am voting “yes” on Question 1. Being Italian is a source of great pride for me. I treasure my memories of spending Sundays with my grandfather as he would stir his famous “gravy” while regaling us with stories about our Italian ancestors who date...

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These Truths – Why I’m Voting YES on Question 1

There are two reasons I am voting Yes on Question 1 on March 2. 

First, I think it’s time to face the truth about our history, a history whose cornerstones are built on white supremacy, exploitation, and 500 years of mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples. Second, I do not believe that...

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Amplifying Under-Represented Voices

I was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts, and like many young professionals living in the area, I came into the social media age in my late teens. In the early days it seemed that social media was a place to share likes, dislikes, funny photos, and videos. As I have grown older...

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In favor of Indigenous Peoples Day

As parents, one of our fundamental responsibilities is to help our children develop a sense of morality and to model the ideas and behaviors we value. All parents want to instill morals and principles that will last lifetimes and shape how our children interact with the world. While we do our best to...

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Rep. Garlick on climate policy

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I write to provide you with an important update Massachusetts’ effort to combat climate change. As your State Representative, I voted today in the affirmative on the conference committee report, An Act creating a next-generation roadmap for Massachusetts climate policy, which will create meaningful change by...

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On mass extinction

The sixth mass extinction - which scientists have coined as the Holocene Extinction - is upon us. According to the United Nations, around one million plant and animal species are currently in danger of extinction, and many more within the next decade. While other extinctions have occurred in Earth’s history, none have occurred...

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A letter from Rep. Garlick

Dear friends and neighbors,

I write to provide you with an important update on racial equity efforts in the State House. As your State Representative, I have just voted in the affirmative on the conference committee report, An Act relative to justice, equity and accountability in law enforcement in the...

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Supporting and Stabilizing in FY21 Budget

On November 12, I voted in the affirmative to pass the state budget for fiscal year 2021. (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.) Until this date, we have relied on sporadic supplemental budgets to fund our state for several months at a time as we waited patiently for the state to reveal...

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On the pandemic

The first case of COVID-19 in the United States was recorded on January 20th, 2020. For the next month and a half, the U.S. continued operating normally, while many other countries began their lockdown. One month later, on February 29th, 2020, the federal government approved a national testing program, but it was too...

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On returning to school full-time in Medfield

Thank you to the teachers, administrators, committee members and volunteers for your hard work. As a school community, the best interests of our students must be our first and primary consideration. The purpose of this letter is to convey the sentiment many of us have shared with you privately, during school committee meetings...

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On Medfield Schools reopening

To the Medfield Community, 

One of the threads that weaves itself through all parts of American life, and most profoundly in Medfield, is public education. Over the last six months COVID -19 has touched every part of our lives that we took as given- the places where we find meaning,...

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On the remote teaching amendment

As the Chair of the Dover Sherborn Regional School Committee I wish to clarify the purpose and effect of our vote in support of a hybrid return to school. The Region voted in favor of the hybrid model that was presented at the Joint School Committee on August 11, but with an amendment...

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On prohibiting nuclear weapons

You may hear church bells tolling at 8:15 a.m. on August 6. It marks the 75th anniversary of the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversary.

In May of 2019 Needham Town Meeting passed the Back from the Brink Resolution which cautioned a no first use of nuclear weapons...

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In favor of Article 16

Sherborn Neighbors:

At Town Meeting, citizens will have the opportunity to authorize the Select Board to investigate, and possibly pursue, choice in electric power supply for the town and its citizens through a collective group purchasing program called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).  Voting “yes” to investigate electrical aggregation under Article...

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A ‘thank you’ from the COA

More than four months ago, the Needham Council on Aging, often referred to as the Center at the Heights, closed its doors to the public and began operating remotely in response to COVID-19. While we miss hearing the whirr of machines in the fitness room, laughter and delicious smells coming out of our...

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Reusable shopping bags are back

On Friday, July 10, Governor Baker rescinded his temporary order suspending all local shopping bag laws and banning the use of reusable bags. 

It is open to argument if the temporary order, put in place on March 25th, was ever necessary in the first place. At best, it may have...

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Carol’s Corner: documenting inequalities

Hello everyone,

I never realized how privileged I have been throughout my life. 

I could have gone to any school I wanted to but because of financial problems I chose to work at W.T. Grants after graduating H.S.

I could walk all over Boston...

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Appreciating Medfield’s first-responders

I would like to start by saying that I truly appreciate the work done by our Medfield Police. They have always responded when I needed their help and have also spent time helping me deal with certain situations. I have to also say that the Medfield Fire Department is also terrific in quickly...

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On police policies/procedures in Medfield

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, there’s an intense national focus on law enforcement and people have had a variety of reactions. Some people have chosen to protest or hold rallies. Some of our legislators have proposed new standards at both the state and national levels. I wanted to find...

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On the DTL’s reopening

To the Patrons and Fans of Dover Town Library -

As Dover’s Library Trustees, we, like so many of you, are eagerly looking forward to the library’s reopening. If you love the library as we do, it’s wonderful to hear these dates announced.

- July 20: Pick-up...

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