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Thanking Westwood High School

Dear Editor,

First of all, I want to than Westwood Public High School. Because of Westwood Public High School, home of the Wolverines, I was able to succeed in college. Westwood High has granted me such great education, as they want to “strive for excellence.” When I became a Freshman at Westwood High School, I took part in many music ensembles. This inspired me to minor in music at Worcester State University. I was so fortunate at Westwood High School to have the Prodigy Program for lessons where I learned piano. My piano teachers taught me to sight-read, and much more. In fact, I feel like it was yesterday when I entered the piano program they had there. It was called Piano Lab. Piano Lab was so much fun. I met a really good friend there, and we both attended Worcester State University together. My friend and I played fun piano duets with other piano students such as the song “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” and a song that I remember to this day called “Tune Twisters.” I played this song for my piano professor back at Worcester State University. Because of my piano teachers at Westwood High School, I decided to partake in the music program at Worcester State University - a liberal arts school. I had auditioned with the song “Prelude In C” by JS Bach. And guess what? As a result of the piano lessons I had back at the Prodigy Program, I got into a prestigious music program at Worcester State University and took what I called Applied Lessons which reminded me so much of the Prodigy Program. I also took ensembles in college. I had taken Chorus. I remember I took Chorus with Mr. Goldman during my time at Westwood High School. Chorus was really fun, and exciting to go to. Because of my Chorus teacher, I was really excited to join another Chorus which was the Worcester State University Chorus. I was glad enough to be exposed to a great Chorus repertoire.

Furthermore, what I remember most about Westwood High Was the strenuous essay writing. It was so challenging, but rewarding all the same time. I want to thank the teachers for assigning us to write like 10-15 page papers or even 10-20 page papers. The English teachers and history teachers had definitely prepped me for college. At Worcester State University, people had asked me how I became such a good writer, I said it was because of my high school. Other things they helped prepared us for, that being Westwood High School, was learning how to research, and become more organized. As a result of Westwood High School teaching me how to become a better writer, I received a Summa Cum Laude at Worcester State University. My senior history professor for my capstone class was impressed by my writing. At Worcester State, I also got straight A’s on a lot of my essays that I wrote in my English classes. Also, because of Westwood High School, I was able to practice and develop my writing skills at a club at my college called The New Worcester Spy.

Other things that I want to thank Westwood High School for would be the history department. The teachers there, in the history department, inspired me to become a history major. One of my history teachers at Westwood High School taught us to do MLA and Chicago format. Even so, my history professors were impressed about how well I could do MLA and Chicago formatting when I was done with my papers. After I learned how to do MLA and Chicago formatting, I no longer had to use websites such as MLA formatting generators as a guide.

Finally, I would like to thank Westwood High’s Special Ed services. They helped me transition into college. I learned how to ask for extra time, and more help if needed. I learned how to communicate well as they taught me to practice how to become a better communicator, which is great.

If I had any advice, which I do, for Westwood Freshmen: definitely take advantage of the services that Westwood High School has as Westwood High will help you in the long run. When the Freshmen become Freshmen in college, I’d say join a club and ask for help if need me. Every Westwood High School student is off to do great things, and “strive for excellence” as what Westwood High School’s mission statement is, and I take that with a grain of salt.

-Sarah Synk

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