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On public mask mandates

To: All Dover and Sherborn Residents,

Kindly tune in to the Board of Health Meetings and School Committee meetings that occur, sometimes weekly, in both towns. Check the town calendar and attend as many meetings as you can. 

As seen on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website, you will realize that Sherborn had a 14-day daily incidence rate of ZERO over the past 14 days. Sherborn consistently has had low rates. The town of Dover has also seen a low 14 day daily incidence rate of 2.8. Middlesex (Sherborn) and Norfolk (Dover) also have lower incidence rates than in the past, as do all other counties in Mass except for Hampshire & Berkshire. 

With solid numbers this low, the mask mandate currently in effect in the public buildings in Sherborn, the public and private buildings in Dover, and all of the public schools, should no longer be in effect. A "mask advisory" has been suggested by some Selectmen, allowing citizens to use their own judgement. Residents may choose whether or not to mask themselves or their children which of course is the right of every individual. 

Please visit to read the latest studies regarding masks and the effects on the physical, psychological and social development on children.

It is the request of CFMF that the Dover Sherborn Boards of Health remove the mask mandate immediately. Both Boards have been provided with, on multiple occasions, evidence based medical studies and peer reviewed studies from experts in the field, indicating the most current and up to date adverse effects of masks. 

Please get involved and stay informed. Visit the CFMF website for current information and consider joining the local Dover Sherborn Chapter.

The next Joint Dover Sherborn Board of Health meeting is at 7 pm on November 10th. HTTPS:// or call in 929-205-6099. ID 992 0354 8882.

Karen Rodgers
Spokesperson for Citizens For Medical Freedom

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