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NHS students confront COVID changes

A closed Memorial Park on an otherwise beautiful day - one of many changes confronting NHS students as the coronavirus outbreak rolls on.

MHS responds to coronavirus outbreak

The Medfield High School parking lot remains empty amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Schools, athletics remain shut down

Dover Sherborn Regional High School remains closed and blocked off with cones until further notice.

Social distance files: Westwood’s Sen-Ki

Sen-Ki means “land of stone,” so it wasn’t’ a huge surprise to see so many rock formations.

Social distance files: Wellesley’s Centennial Reservation

Humans might have maintained their space but the six-foot rule was roundly ignored by the canines this weekend at Centennial Reservation.

Social distance files: Walpole’s Bird Park

While there were many people there, Bird Park had more than enough space on Saturday for social distancing.

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