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Hometown Weekly prints ludicrous April Fools’ stories

With their weekly publication date falling on April 1 - April Fools' Day - the staff of Hometown Weekly couldn't resist the chance for a bit of fun.

Sunset Road event honors Vietnam veterans

These veterans with disabilities have weighed heavily on the mind of State Representative Denise Garlick.

Medfield Library reopens for visitors

Hand sanitizing stations sat just feet from the entrance, ready for visitors to stop by before walking to browse.

Elm Bank opens for the season

Lawrence noted that there were many new members last year, as outdoor activities developed a new level of importance.

Committee argues for Hanlon-Deerfield consolidation

While Westwood hasn’t received an official amount of money they would be reimbursed for by the MSBA, from the $87m project.

Walpole student is state champ speller

She won the school wide bee on “exhortation”, while she took home the state title via “curmudgeon.”

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