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TB12, Westwood’s Ventola share a moment

In October of 2015, then-eight-year-old Zac Ventola, a huge New England Patriots and Tom Brady fan, opened a bucket of Unreal Candy and won one of several dozen Tom Brady autographs hidden in the buckets throughout New England. He screamed and cried tears of joy, and it was all captured on video by his mom.

Unreal Candy loved the video and recognized that Zac isn't an ordinary fan - he is a super fan. He can tell you about the ins and outs of the team throughout its history, and has been attending every open Patriots training camp since he was three, watching the team practice in 90-degree heat or 50-degree rain showers. If it's open to the public and his team is on the field, then Zac is in the stands, sometimes arriving over three hours ahead of practice so he can get a front row seat.

Two years after winning the autograph - on the exact same day - Unreal Candy ran a similar promotion with three grand prize meet-and-greets and 200 winners of a Tom Brady and Unreal Candy prize pack. Zac opened his candy box and found a winning ticket for a prize pack. As cool as that was, several months later, Unreal Candy contacted him to offer him the grand prize, as well. He and his 16-year-old brother, Dylan, also a huge Patriots fan, were going to meet the six-time Super Bowl champion.

On a beautiful afternoon in June, Zac, Dylan, and their mom got a chance to meet Tom Brady. Both boys ran routes, catching passes from the greatest quarterback of all time. Unreal Candy created the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the Ventola boys will never forget this dream come true.

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