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Storytime teaches importance of thankfulness

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

It can sometimes be hard to emphasize the importance and meaning of Thanksgiving to anyone, let alone young children, when Christmas prep and celebration begins early in November. However, Little Listeners Storytime, held at the Westwood Public Library, is trying its very best to do so. Miss Lizzy, as she introduced herself, focused this week’s story time on the importance of giving thanks.

This particular story time is one of many that the Library offers, the slot reserved each Tuesday for children aged three to five. There are other times offered for all ages, or even younger children, on other days of the week. This past Tuesday, the kids began with a “Hello Song,” which involved American Sign Language.

Before reading, the kids guessed what the story was about using clues from a mystery box.

Before reading, the kids guessed what the story was about using clues from a mystery box.

“Can you guys salute straight out from the top of your head? That’s how you say hello in American Sign Language,” Lizzy explained. “Now your pointer fingers? They’re best friends, so you’re going to wrap them together and that means friends. Point your fingers to your lips which means ‘say.’ Then tap your wrist like you’re wearing a watch, even if you’re not!” All together the kids sang “It’s time to say hello” while Lizzy played the ukulele.

Lizzy made the story time exceptionally interactive, and brought out a mystery box full of clues relating to her upcoming story. She started off with an old-fashioned Thanksgiving story, and asked the children to identify what might be different and what is the same in the pictures. Before the next book, Izzy took a pause and elaborated on the theme of the day. “You should all start thinking about what you’re thankful for. It’s always nice to say thanks, but this holiday especially, it’s good to think about what, specifically, you are thankful for!” she said.

In addition to the stories, the 45 minute class includes a short film and a craft. Registration is required beforehand.

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