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Pizza party at the Westwood COA

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By James Ensor
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Oven-cooked pizza and make-your-own sundaes were on the menu at the Westwood Senior Center on Friday, August 26. Dozens gathered for the festivities, which ended up stealing away some members of the bridge club that was playing concurrently with pizza party.

“I wanted to get more people in to the Center before the summer ended,” said the organizer of the event, Elaine Haddad. “And I thought, who doesn’t like pizza and ice cream?” She thought right, as the event brought in new diners as well as new volunteers. The last cookout of the summer, which occurred last week, brought in about 85 diners and the pizza party saw around three dozen show up for lunch.

For over an hour, attendees gathered and chatted over the pizza and ice cream, and it turned out to be a very amicable atmosphere. Friends caught up over a cup of vanilla with jimmies, quenching their thirst on the pitchers of fruit punch.

Lunch is provided daily at the Westwood Senior Center, all that is requested is a $3 donation. They also provide meals-on-wheels daily to about 35-40 people. The center has different meals every day served by volunteers who rotate in crews. There are about 50 volunteers who take time out of their days to work at the senior center, but Elaine is always looking for more. Readers interested in volunteering are encouraged to call the Westwood Senior Center and ask for Elaine Haddad.

The next big event at the Senior Center will be the Halloween Party in October. Volunteers and seniors alike are encouraged to show up in costume. Until then, plenty of fun will be had at the daily meals.

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