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New assignment: name the new school

Construction is well underway at the new state-of-the art elementary school that will replace the
Hanlon and Deerfield Schools. To bring the two schools together as one, the new school needs
a name, and the School Committee is asking for the community’s help with brainstorming ideas.

From through Wednesday, March 1, you can submit your suggested name for the new school by

A working group established by the School Committee will then review all submitted
suggestions and compile a list of finalists, which will be posted on the School Committee’s
website on Monday, March 6. The School Committee, at its March 9 meeting, will review the
finalists and vote on the new school name.

When proposing a new name for the school, organizers ask that participants follow these
guidelines: The purpose of the new name may be to recognize, honor or memorialize persons,
organizations, historical Town sites, historical Town events, or the history of Westwood itself.

The new name may also recognize an outstanding contribution to education, humanity or the
community at the local, state, national or international level. Names will not be considered if they
tend to undermine or interfere with the educational mission of the Westwood Public Schools or if
they compromise the safety of students and/or faculty. Names of persons currently employed by
the Town of Westwood will not be considered.

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