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Illusionist Dillies wows at WPL 

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Westwood seniors added a bit of magic to their week with a show by master illusionist Lyn Dillies. Performing at the Westwood Public Library, Dillies gave an overview of her life through magic. With heartfelt stories and impressive magic tricks, Dillies won over the audience. 

A Westport Native, Dillies said, “We could all use some more magic in our lives. That’s why I’m here.” She opened with a trick for the audience to learn. The trick was a set-up for applause, which the seniors found clever and hilarious. Dillies segued into her life through magic. She grew up shy. With no magic shop in sight, she went to the library and checked out various magic books. She wowed the crowd again with her skills and storytelling. Ripping up a newspaper, she was able to put it back together before the crowd’s very eyes. 

Card tricks, guessing games, and a stunt of metal rings all mystified and entranced the crowd. Volunteers were glad to participate as Dillies worked her charm through personality as well as skill. Perhaps one of the most remarkable tricks, Dillies began with having a volunteer pick a card at random. They then put it back in the deck. Dillies gave an audience member an entire orange, and the same card miraculously appeared inside the fruit once it was cut open. 

Additionally, at the beginning of the show, Librarian Abby Walsh assisted seniors with picking the name of any celebrity and writing it down. She then folded them up and sealed them away. When it came time for this portion of the show, Dillies had a portrait of someone ready. She picked the name “Elvis” out, and when she turned the portrait around, there he was!

Seniors thought the show couldn't get any better, and then Dillies delivered her finale. She popped a seemingly average balloon, which the audience confirmed was average beforehand. She had Walsh take a fistful of glitter and spread the magic around. Soon after, a white dove appeared. The crowd was in disbelief at Dillies’ skill. The afternoon of magic was an excellent trip to the library for members of the COA. 

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