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Crafting connections at WPL

By Riley Fontana

Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Westwood Public Library (WPL) hosted a notebook-making event on August 29th in their community room, led by librarian Sean O'Donnell. It proved to be a delightful hands-on craft experience, resulting in unique creations for each attendee.

The event centered around the intricate and detailed art of hand-binding notebooks, ensuring that each participant departed with a one-of-a-kind notebook. The library thoughtfully provided all necessary supplies and instructions, including cover fabric, thread, glue, notebook pages, decorative interior paper, and the essential tools for crafting a notebook.

All attendees were new to the art of making notebooks, leading to a lively atmosphere with plenty of questions and mutual assistance. Laughter filled the room as attendees encountered and resolved mistakes together. The group freely shared supplies and offered tips to those facing challenges with certain aspects of the craft.

This event served as a fantastic opportunity for crafty adults to connect with one another. Given the craft's complexity, it was tailored for adults, facilitating easy conversation and mingling during the creative process.

The resulting notebooks were as diverse as the personalities of their creators. Participants eagerly showcased their material choices and compared them with others who had made similar selections. A strong sense of camaraderie prevailed as supplies were exchanged, and discussions about various crafts unfolded.

The Westwood Public Library consistently offers numerous crafting events throughout the year, catering to both adults and children. These events provide excellent opportunities to enhance crafting skills, acquire new talents, and forge connections with fellow enthusiasts. Such gatherings foster vibrant communities and allow librarians to share their passion for teaching.

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