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Meteorologist Fisher visits LINX camp

Beautiful blue skies, temps in the low 80s, and eager-to-learn LINX science campers greeted WBZ’s Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher for his visit on Monday afternoon, July 16, at Regis College in Weston.

"The best time to get someone interested in science is when they're most curious about how the world works … and the LINX camp is perfect for that! I'm always amazed how bright and inquisitive these kids are. Hopefully a couple become talented meteorologists that put me to shame someday," said Fisher.

The campers from grades 2-8 were interested and asked many questions about Fisher's background and different types of weather phenomena. The kids listened intently about how he got into meteorology, how the field has changed since he started, and what his job entails.

This was Fisher’s third year chatting with LINX’s young science campers. His passion for meteorology and helping kids understand and appreciate science and the world around them couldn’t be clearer.

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