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Intensive art students exhibiting in town

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The Clever Hand Gallery will showcase work by students from two intensive art classes at Wellesley High School. This is the eighth year of collaboration between the local artisans’ cooperative and the talented students.

Students in Shayla Vines’ Intensive Metals class studied the work of professional artists working as jewelers, metalsmiths and sculptors, and then created their own pieces inspired by an artist from the list. This year, the Metals Department received funding to add lost wax casting, an ancient tradition, to the curriculum.

Amie Larson teaches her Intensive Ceramics class a broad variety of techniques in wheel-throwing and sculpting with clay. The students’ work includes elements of their personal heritage or ceramic history.

“We are very glad that Wellesley recognizes the importance of educating the whole child,” says Liz Hyde, a potter who is a member of the Clever Hand Galley. “The arts contribute to a student’s growth and self-esteem, but funding for art education is often the first thing to be cut from a school budget.”

All are invited to see the results of the students’ creative endeavors. The exhibition will be March 25-April 7, with a public reception on Tuesday, April 3, from 2-5 PM at the Clever Hand Gallery, 52 Central Street, Wellesley.

 'Fancy Shoe' by Metals student Emma Soliva.

'Fancy Shoe' by Metals student Emma Soliva.

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