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WHS class of ’22 graduates

By Elizabeth Connolly
Hometown Weekly Correspondent

The one hundred and forty-eighth Walpole High School graduation took place on Turco Field last Sunday, and it was quite the event. 

The parking lot was full of cars, many of them brightly decorated; the field was full of lawn chairs, blankets and umbrellas; and the stands were bursting with proud family and friends, each one eager to congratulate the graduates.

Despite a small technical glitch at the beginning, the ceremony was a lovely and touching tribute to the class of 2022. Even the weather seemed eager to ensure a memorable day for the students, as the sun shone through a cloudless sky on the seasonable June day. Graduation speakers Scotty Cameron, Cole Donato, Erin Ledwith, Margaret Mahoney and Colin Wilber dotted Principal Stephen Imbusch’s presentation of scholarships and awards with well-timed speeches before the diplomas were awarded. 

Even if you didn’t know any of the graduates personally, the speakers did a phenomenal job of making you feel like you did. “Everyone in this crowd,” said Scotty Cameron “has an admirable and special trait that makes this class so unique.” He continued by likening his high school experience to the game show Survivor: “In Survivor, everyone starts out not knowing anything about the island or the people they are living with, just like in high school … overcoming these initial uncomfortable moments prove to be the stepping stone to the ensuing years of high school success”. 

Immediately following commencement ceremony was a rolling parade through town, one of the only reminders that the last two years have been anything out of the ordinary. The same decorated vehicles from the high school parking lot carried handfuls of graduates through the streets, where they were lauded for their achievements.

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