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Walpole COA celebrates Mother’s Day

By Julia Beauregard

Hometown Weekly Editor

Last Friday, the Walpole Council on Aging (COA) hosted an early Mother’s Day celebration: it was their first annual Mother’s Day tea party. 

This event was apart of their intergenerational program, as COA members were welcomed to invite family members to attend. Not only this, but members of the Girl Scout junior troop #82540 served dessert trays to the seniors and South Walpole Preschool students attended with their own family members to sing to the attendees. 

Community members of all age joined together in this Mother’s Day celebration. As the COA staff members walked around serving tea, the Girl Scouts aided the staff by serving desserts, passing out napkins, and aiding the seniors in anything else they might have needed. 

Once the attendees were settled in with tea and treats, Lindsey Greener, COA program coordinator, welcomed the preschool performers! The students took to the stage and performed a variety of songs for the guests, including “Good Afternoon to You,” “God Bless America,” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light,” just to name a few. The crowd enjoyed their performance, showing their appreciation and enjoyment with a loud round of applause. 

After they had left the stage, the Girl Scouts invited the preschoolers to create a craft with them: one perfect for Mother’s Day. 

All of the guests of all ages truly enjoyed the events of the afternoon. The generational programs allow for these age groups to overlap and enjoy one another. It was a wonderful way to kick off Mother’s Day Weekend. 

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