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The status of Walpole’s new middle school

By Riley Fontana

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Walpole has been actively constructing its new middle school for several months. Positioned in front of Bird Middle School, this new facility will accommodate all of the town's middle school students, marking a significant change from the previous arrangement. For years, Walpole had been divided between Johnson Middle School and Bird Middle School, with students from both merging at the high school level.

The discourse regarding the construction of a new middle school has been ongoing in Walpole for several years, alongside discussions about building a new high school. The decision to proceed with the new middle school was made in 2021 following a town vote. Both existing middle schools date back to the 1960s, rendering them older structures that are severely outdated for the needs of modern students.

The new middle school is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2024, introducing several changes for the students currently attending Bird Middle School. One major adjustment involves coping with the noise and distractions stemming from construction activities just outside the school premises. Many students have already been contending with these disruptions for some time. Additionally, alterations to the vehicular and bus routes to and from the school are anticipated.

The future of Johnson Middle School remains uncertain once the new middle school becomes operational. The selection of Bird Middle School's location was significantly influenced by the availability of its land, which is home to numerous fields used by Walpole High School and recreational sports during their respective seasons.

Walpole Middle School is poised to become a state-of-the-art facility, undoubtedly enhancing the student experience. This development is eagerly anticipated by numerous students and parents in the town, heralding a welcomed change.

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