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Porchfest rocks downtown

By Riley Fontana

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Walpole's fourth annual Porchfest took place on August 13, 2023. This vibrant event immerses the town in music, as its residents transform their porches into stages to showcase local talent. The latest edition featured an impressive lineup of 12 distinct performances that spanned from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., thoughtfully dispersed across various locations within the town. The duration of each act's performance varied according to the specific stage they graced.

A diverse range of musical styles catered to a wide audience, encompassing instrumental, country, and even punk rock genres. Among the instrumental performers were Katie Hurwitz on the cello, The Upbeat Drummers on percussion, accompanied by Dave Laprise and Lewis Howes on accordions. The country and folk music segment featured artists such as Chris Roche, Johanna Tulloch, Sioo, and Black Cat Crossing. Additionally, the lineup comprised other notable acts, including the rhythmic house music of Band Together School of Music, the rock melodies of The Pockets, the punk rock energy of The Mighty Suicide Squirrels, and the classic rock tunes of Jam Sandwich.

Audiences were captivated by the performers' remarkable talents, each drawing in diverse demographic groups of listeners. The favorable weather, characterized by warmth and sunshine, further enhanced the Porchfest experience. Despite a brief encounter with mild rain during a few performances, the energy remained undeterred.

Porchfest's meticulous scheduling ensured that attendees could enjoy at least one show at every location throughout the day. Beyond spotlighting local talent, the event served as a unifying force for the town. The array of participating porches not only permitted Walpole residents but also those from neighboring communities to explore different locales.

An annual August tradition, Porchfest has firmly established itself as a cherished event for Walpole. Anticipation builds each year, as the event offers an opportunity for local talent to shine. With fresh bands gracing the stage annually, there's something to captivate everyone's musical palate.

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