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Parachute Playtime a favorite for kids

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By Katrina Margolis
Hometown Weekly Reporter

For the past four years or so, each Thursday, children from the ages of one through five have been welcome to play at Blackburn Hall on a variety of bouncy houses. Led by Lauren Macomber, Parachute Playtime and Bouncy House is a program geared towards younger kids, especially as the weather gets colder and playing outdoors becomes more difficult. In addition to the bouncy houses, there were numerous toys available inside of the expansive gym area, where kids played together regardless of age.

Macomber brought out the parachute and both kids and parents went flocking over. Clearly, this was a highlight for them. Running in and out of the folds of the parachute, parents helped Macomber hold on to the edges and create a dome for the kids to sit underneath. There were also a variety of different games played with the parachute, that involved children of all ages.

The program is put on by the Walpole Parks and Recreation Department. Parents can subscribe to the entirety of the program, but Macomber said that there is also a daily rate so that parents can drop by with their kids for just one or two events. It’s recommended that parents bring a water bottle to each event since it is high activity for kids. There is only a maximum participation of 20 children, so there is plenty of allowance for each child to get sufficient time in the bouncy houses and with the parachute.

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