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Local business provides support to Turkey

by Julia Beauregard
Hometown Weekly Editor

Delux Tux of Walpole is donating 100% of their tuxedo and suit rental revenue to the Earthquake Relief Fund in order to provide assistance to those in Turkey, who were ravaged by the recent earthquake.

John Ricci, Delux Tux owner, felt a call to action to help these distant neighbors, after seeing the news headline of the father who was holding his lifeless daughters hand, who had died under the rubble near the epicenter of the devastating disaster. Ricci is a father of two, which aided in his drive to help the people of Turkey. Ricci shared that the amount of revenue would likely be in the thousands, which caused him to realize that: “this money is not going to change my life in a drastic way. But it could it go a long way to provide blankets, water, food, or whatever those people need.”

The promotion will run from February 13th to March 20th. Any customers that are renting a suit or tuxedo, including customers who have already booked a rental prior to this promotion, will pay for their entire bill with a check made out to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy. This offer does not apply to purchases, only rentals, as the rentals make up more than 90% of Delux Tux’s revenue, according to the owner. The promotion is being offered at their Franklin location as well.

Ricci reported that this promotion occurred previously, in 2004, to provide relief to those in Indonesia who were devastated by the tsunami.

The Delux Tux owner clearly displays that even a small business can make a world of difference.

For further information about this generous promotion, please check out their website at:

To directly donate to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, to provide aid to those who are facing hardship in Turkey, please visit their website at:

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