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KJ’s Con brightens farmers marke

By Julia Beauregard

Hometown Weekly Editor

Though the weather was less than favorable this past Saturday morning, the Walpole Farmers Market is always held rain or shine. Despite the drizzle, vendors and visitors still came out to brave the weather. KJ’s Con, a dynamic musical duo, brightened up the dreary morning hours with their variety of tunes. 

The duo consists of vocalist Kara Curnane Joseph of Medfield and guitarist Conor Lynch of Norwood. The two have taken local venues by storm since 2021 and this was their third appearance at the local farmers market. 

Their set list consisted of a variety of chart-topping country, pop, and rock songs. Lynch effortlessly switched from acoustic to electric sounds, while Kara tuned her vocals to whichever genre they were representing, displaying her vocal prowess to all of the listeners. Their diverse setlist included “Our Song,” by Taylor Swift, “Thinkin’ Out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran, “A Thousand Miles,” by Vanessa Carlton, and “Home Sweet Home,” by Motley Crue. 

On selecting tracks for their setlist, Kara reported: “We chose a combination of pop, rock, and country music in order to have variety. We try to have something everyone can enjoy!” This impressive musical repertoire not only displays the range these artists have within their musical talent, but it also provided and ensured that each and every listener would find something that resonated with them.

The two knew how to draw a crowd, as several visitors surrounded them throughout their performance. It was plain to see that guests of all ages were absolutely captivated by their dynamic musical talents. Onlookers were singing along, dancing, clapping, and tapping their feet. Kara’s voice brought warmth and brightness to the bleak and chilly day, while Lynch’s guitar stylings electrified the crowd. 

It was truly a treat for all the visitors passing through to be entranced by the musical stylings of KJ’s Con. One can only hope they will make another appearance at the Walpole Farmers Market again soon.

For more information about KJ’s Con or to book this dynamic duo for your event, please check out their website:

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