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Fun times with the Lego League

By Madison Butkus

Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Children’s Program Room at the Walpole Public Library (WPL) was packed with little ones eager to build some amazing lego creations this past Wednesday, August 30th. This ongoing Lego League is one of the most popular at the WPL and continues all throughout the year. 

Children’s Program Coordinator, Nikki Cataloni, runs this amazing event and the kids have really taken a shine to her. One can easily tell just how happy running this league makes her and she is always there to lend a helping hand to any of the kiddos who need it. 

In terms of the league overall, Nikki stated, “So Lego League goes back as one of our lengthiest programs since I started. It runs every other week and kids come, it is just a drop in program, they can free build or we have challenges that they can choose from. Our building book is out right now but we have others that kids can pick up and choose to build what they want. We also have a display to showcase all that the kids have made. All of them are very excited to display their work for all to see. It is for all ages too, so we have blocks for the younger ones and then challenges for the older kids.” 

Many of the kiddos that attend this league are frequent flyers who come almost every time. One little boy has been working on a massive lego bridge for over two weeks and finally finished at this program. While free build always seems to be the biggest hit, there are some adventurous young ones who love to build the challenges. Some of these challenges included building a lego pizza, something you find in the kitchen, a spaceship, a pyramid, a musical instrument, and more! 

There is certainly no shortage of legos at these programs and everyone has plenty to work with/share with one another. The creations that they come up with are incredible and always super creative. Nikki stated that this program will continue throughout the year and anyone is welcome to come. 

For more information on this Lego League, please visit the WPL’s website at  

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