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Folk duo Andy and Judy play WPL 

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

New Englanders Andy and Judy Daigle have been partnered musicians and singer-songwriters since 2009. Beginning with mostly folk covers, they have increased their repertoire of original work to span seven albums. Happy to play live music, the duo gifted Walpole Public Library an intimate performance on November 29 in the Community Room -- and turned a banal Tuesday evening into an enriching experience. 

Seats filled up quickly and locals gathered to hear some astounding accounts of history and similarly inspired tunes.

Inspired by history, Andy and Judy create songs based on their travel experiences. Seeing the world through the lens of music, they’ve been touring the country since 2016. “It’s a great way to see the world," Judy pointed out. "We went to Mount Rushmore and the Arche in Saint Louis. We went to a lot of museums. We’ve been to thirty states.”

Both musicians are skilled vocalists and also have incredible instrumental prowess. For this performance, Andy played the guitar, banjo, harmonica, and mandolin. Judy played the guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and dulcimer. 

“We met in 2006," Andy reflected. "We did a little music here and there. Played local benefit shows and then we started learning more instruments as we learned songs that needed more instruments. We added more, and I don’t think we’re done adding instruments.”

Their set included songs full of varying style and topic. A small-town diner owner’s point of view was explored in “Another Ghost Town”. A visit to the Underground Railroad exhibit in Sandusky, Ohio inspired “There’s Freedom in Hope,” which showed off Judy’s alto chops and Andy’s banjo and harmonica skills. Judy’s hilarious anecdote about unsolicited advice from an audience member sparked the punchy tune, “Do Something with Your Hair.” The storytelling and dynamics make the pair an unforgettable local folk staple.

When they aren’t touring or preparing a new album, Andy and Judy teach songwriting workshops from home. They offer technical pointers and historically adjacent storytelling tips. To find their next gig, booking information, and more, visit

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