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COA learns about reptiles 

By Riley Fontana 

Hometown Weekly Reporter

On August 17, the Walpole Council on Aging (COA) extended an invitation to Lara Kazo from Mass Audubon, who delivered a presentation on the reptiles of Massachusetts. The event took place within the Council on Aging's designated event space, drawing a substantial audience eager to enrich their knowledge of reptilian species.

Kazo's informative session delved into the categorization of reptiles, which encompasses turtles, snakes, lizards, and the unique tuataras found exclusively in New Zealand. While focusing primarily on snakes and turtles due to Massachusetts' absence of indigenous lizards, her discourse was meticulous in its exploration of each species and their respective habitats throughout the state.

Among the topics discussed, Kazo elaborated on the region's 14 snake species, including the Eastern Garter Snake—an emblematic reptile of Massachusetts—and the 10 native turtle species. Following her comprehensive presentation, Kazo opened the floor to inquiries from the attendees, a moment she relished as it enabled her to connect with the audience on a personal level and address their queries while sharing their anecdotes.

The event culminated with a guided walk in the Walpole Town Forest, where Kazo and the Council on Aging participants engaged in a communal reptile observation endeavor. Amidst the stroll, attendees exchanged narratives of their personal reptile encounters, thereby reflecting upon the insights gained from the presentation. Despite unfavorable weather conditions—characterized by cold and overcast skies—the group embarked on the trail with hopes of sighting turtles basking on rocks and logs, a sight typical on sunnier days. While turtles eluded their gaze, an encounter with a water snake nestled among leaves along the river offered a rewarding observation.

As the group reconvened at the Council on Aging's premises, a palpable sense of contentment emanated from their discoveries. The enthusiasm to recount their experiences to absentees and share Kazo's pointers about optimal reptile spotting locations on more clement days was palpable. The event succeeded in delivering a splendid and enlightening experience, inciting curiosity about reptiles within all attendees.

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