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An Evening of Jazz at the COA

By Riley Fontana

Hometown Weekly Reporter

On August 22, the Walpole Council on Aging orchestrated an enchanting dinner party, embracing this year's theme, An Evening of Jazz. The event proved to be a resounding success, with attendees donning their finest attire and relishing one another's company. Against a backdrop of silver and black accents, the multi-function room of the Council on Aging was transformed into an elegant dinner venue, complemented by music-inspired centerpieces that extended into the main lobby. The ambiance buzzed with lively conversation, forging a sense of community amid the sounds of jazz.

Guests were welcomed with specialty drinks, including pineapple spritz and watermelon mojito mocktails. The evening commenced with a refreshing salad and bread course, setting the tone for the culinary experience. Following the salad course, guests were offered a variety of main and side dishes to choose from, crafting a bespoke dining experience.

Post-dinner, attendees were invited to the back patio to savor live jazz music provided by Table for Two. Comprising Lisa Carter on vocals and Matthew Foster on the keyboard, the duo serenaded the audience with melodic tunes throughout the night. Their music transformed the atmosphere, evoking the ambiance of a jazz club, and added an extra layer of enchantment as the sun gracefully set. The evening culminated in the sweet notes of live music accompanying coffee and cake offerings for the guests.

The Council on Aging dinner party serves as a remarkable event, fostering an environment where older generations can mingle, savor delectable fare, and relish live music. Committed to providing secure and enjoyable experiences for the community, the Council on Aging offers a range of events, with the dinner parties being a cornerstone of their offerings. These events are eagerly anticipated by the older generation, as they cultivate a warm and inviting atmosphere, creating a sense of camaraderie that resonates throughout the community.

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