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Advanced photography program seeks feedback

A local artist has developed a program in intermediate and advanced photography and wishes to offer a series of sessions over a yet-to-be-determined time frame. This program is designed more specifically for individuals who own a DSLR or a mirrorless camera system. Individuals who have these cameras tend to be overwhelmed with the capabilities of the instruments, not to mention the learning curve involved with post-processing software.

This program will offer a methodology that will simplify and streamline the learning process. The main idea set forth in this program is to reduce the variables in the photography process such that one develops an ability to see photographically; and not develop in a way that makes one a slave to correcting images in post-processing. As in formal art, learning to see first - which implies understanding composition - and the quality of light are paramount to capturing successful images.

There will be some effort applied to developing a support and critique strategy within and among the students. This approach will demonstrate that everyone has a capacity to be creative and discover how to flex their creative muscles.

In addition, this effort is directed toward establishing a photography club or society within a few local towns. The benefits are obvious.

The purpose of this article is to find out how many individuals are interested in this offering. The session will not exclude those who do not own the kind of equipment as mentioned above, as some may wish to explore the possibility of obtaining a camera system in the future. The initial class offering is free.

Those who are interested in the program are asked to respond to the following email address: Responders are asked to include their contact information, including a preferred telephone number; they will be contacted via phone or email.

The program coordinator will utilize the responses to ascertain the number of individuals interested. Responses will also influence the initial structure of the program, which will be modified as the class progresses.

It is suggested that those interested have some interest in learning to create images that stand apart from the average or iconic images.

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