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Goblin Market artist Rayyan at NFPL

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The artwork of Omar Rayyan from the collection of Robert K. Weiner and Kveta Weiner Vojkovska is currently on display at the Needham Free Public Library. The expressive work from Massachusetts artist Rayyan includes illustrative, aesthetic painting. As mentioned in his artist’s statement, Rayyan is fond of “ looking to the past for inspiration and guidance from the great oil painters of the Northern Renaissance and the Romantic and Symbolist painters of the 19th century.” In 2016, he published his illustrated version of “Goblin Market.” The watercolors include a light and bright color palette, fine detail work, and a fantastical amount of heart and warmth.

Expressions on each face in Rayyan’s work seem to be extremely intentional. Understanding the audience, his illustrations evoke character. From the tortoises in the trees to curious birds perched on grass and a leisurely otter fishing, “Two Girls and Otter by the Stream” paints an entire scene that anyone, young or old, could get lost in.

Gorgeous depictions of fruit in “Girl with Giant Fruits in Courtyard” speaks volumes of color composition and scale. Teeny goblins and massive, plump fruits round out the picture. On the contrary, “Girl Surrounded by Ravens Coming Out of the House” involves long flowing strokes for waves of hair, raven wingspans, and dress fabric being propelled into motion. The action is the driving force in this piece and is detailed perfectly.
“Goblin Market” was a wonderful exhibit. Open to all ages, Rayyan’s work was available to view at the NFPL through the month of March. To learn more, visit Omar Rayyan online at

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