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Wolverines beat Warriors at home

By Avonlea Cummings
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The bleachers were abuzz Friday evening in the Westwood gymnasium as the Medfield Warriors boys varsity basketball team went head-to-head against the Westwood Wolverines. The Wolverines battled hard against the Warriors, ravenous for victory, and celebrated a 55-44 win.

A full atmosphere of cheers from the crowd surged the energy into the competition by the half as both teams headed towards the benches. The Warriors had struck the Wolverines with 20 points by the break.

The Wolverines were ahead in the contest with an 11-point lead, however. Eli Ifrah went into halftime with nine points put on the scoreboard. Following him, Max Jacobson and Andrew Weeman made eight points, Dylan Walsh tallied three points, Oliver Gannon snuck in another two, and Victor Ganson swished in a point from a free throw.

In the action-packed second half of the competition, both teams gave their best shot as they pushed to their limits to win. Although the Warriors were determined not to give their opponents an easy game, the Wolverine offense was too much for Medfield. Westwood’s Ifrah gained 15 more career points, Jacobson and Weeman scored a total of 12, Walsh and Patrick Casavant racked in three points, Gannon pocketed eight, and Sean Callahan and Ganson snuck in points of their own.

All around, it was a team effort on both sides of the competition. Westwood’s coach Ryan Douglass was proud of the team coming together to win on the courts Friday.

“A lot of our sets were there, our team rebounding, and team defense today was on point. We were shooting well, which always makes it easier. Our point guard, Eli Ifrah, really shot the ball well today. Our senior captain, Max Jacobson, has really been the anchor of our team all season. He did what he had to do to poise us,” said Douglass.

At the time of print, the Westwood Wolverines take on the Holliston Panthers on Tuesday.

“We have a tough Holliston team next. There are no easy games left. If we take care of business, we’ll be the champions, so we have to keep our minds focused and be ready for everything,” said Douglass.

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