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Warriors tie with Timberwolves

By Avonlea Cummings
Hometown Weekly Reporter
Skates slid across the ice at the Rodman Arena on Saturday, February 18th as the Walpole girls' hockey Timberwolves hosted the Medfield Warriors in a senior day match-up. Both teams flung shots against each other each period, leading themselves into overtime competition, which resulted in a tie of 1-1.
The first period was intense as both teams were ravenous for the puck, the Warriors headed into the competition with just a couple of points needed in order to contest in the tournament. Players were neck and neck, bursting with energy. At 7:06 in the first, Medfield’s sophomore, Michaela McDonald fired the puck past the Timberwolves’ defense, giving the Warriors a leg up for the first and second periods.
The Walpole girls kept fighting as they struck their shots on the net consistently. By 8:48 minutes left to go in the third, Timberwolves’ sophomore Cassie Burke hurled the puck into Medfield’s net, thanks to a smooth pass from junior, Elena Govoni, tying the score with Medfield at 1-1.

With the scoreboard knotted by the end of the third, both teams faced off for a five-minute overtime battle for the winning title. The girls rocketed their shots against each other, but it was no match for the strong defense both teams provided. By the final buzzer the Warriors and Timberwolves’ concluded in settling for a tie in the afternoon match-up.
Medfield has one more point to make it to the tournament this season, they will have two games coming up to close their regular season time on the ice. Head coach John Summers is looking forward to seeing what they can improve on in the time left leading up to these matches. He believes there is a lot of potential for the tournament ahead. Recently, the team celebrated their seven seniors, who have brought a lot to the team atmosphere this season.
“They have brought a lot of energy and leadership to the team this year. They play a lot of minutes, and they are all working hard. It’s frustrating to have all the hard work but we are having trouble putting the puck in the net. I know their effort and energy is there and they are improving, we have outshot the past five teams in games by at least 10 or more shots, we are now working on getting them in the net,” said Summers.

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