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Walpole blanked by Needham’s final goal

By Avonlea Cummings 

Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter 

Needham traveled to Walpole High on Thursday, May 11th where they battled a one goal game throughout the competition. 

Needham slipped past Walpole’s defense to earn their winning shot with only a few minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Timberwolves fell  with a final score of 9-8 against the visiting Rockets. 

With a brief moment of spring rain, the lacrosse boys didn’t let it get to the best of them. Both teams trekked on, and soon the skies would clear once more. By the second half, the boys battled back and forth in offensive zones. Needham sought out the perfect moment to strike for gold before knocking in their last goal of the evening. It was a hard fought battle from Walpole as they inched their way up the field hoping for one more final shot. The Timberwolves Brayden Mattera earned the most points of the competition as he launched in 5 goals to add to the tally of Needham’s final score. 

Head coach Greg Shea was pleased to see the heat of the competition, and that his boys fought hard in such a close match. 

“I can’t say enough about Will Abplamap he did an excellent job winning it back giving us opportunities to continue to try to put more points on the board. Our wing play through getting us back to our midfielders went great. Needham’s defense puts up a lot of chaos, I want to give the offense some credit for trusting the system and just running what we could to be successful,” said Shea. 

Walpole will take on Wellesley away on May 23rd, face off is set to begin at 8 pm. 

“Seeing the teams like Needham is only going to better us for the rest of the season and hopefully in the post season too. We always want to be in competing against competitive teams, we want to play the best. The kids played well, we hope to build upon it,” said Shea.

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