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Timberwolves travel to DS for scrimmage

By Avonlea Cummings
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The Walpole boys' basketball Timberwolves traveled to the Dover-Sherborn gymnasium on Friday, February 24th. Both teams participated in a friendly scrimmage to hone in on more practice time leading into the heat of the tournament. Walpole completed their regular season with a 10-10 record, including a 5-6 league record, holding fourth place in the Bay State league ranking. Throughout their scrimmage on Friday, the Timberwolves exemplified dedication and consistency, reflecting the same drive fans have seen all season.

In the midst of February vacation, Timberwolves head coach, Jenna Galster, has been reflecting on the regular season and is ready to prepare Walpole for the tournament ahead.

“I think we did a really nice job during our regular season. Our boys really worked hard every single day. We ended up 10-10 for our record, due to injuries and close games. Though we had one heck of a season, we were in every game. It was a nice feeling to have. Our movement in offense and in our transition is just fun to watch, they worked so hard on that, it is something that has improved since day one of our seasons,” said Galster.

Playing five periods, the boys soaked up as much playing time as possible, listening to their coach’s advice on how to execute the plays perfectly. Both teams were able to knock in several points in each period, then began the following period with a clean slate, starting back at 0-0.

After hitting three-pointers, and swooping up layups, the Timberwolves closed out the scrimmage shaking hands with the Raiders wishing the best of luck ahead in the tournament. Awaiting the tournament seedings, the Dover-Sherborn boys continue to work hard towards the state title.

“We are very lucky to be invited to scrimmage with Dover-Sherborn and get a run in, it can get monotonous to keep practicing by ourselves, so this helped a lot. We will see who we play once the rankings get released, then it’s all about the film and seeing how that team plays. We just need to make sure we give 100 percent effort moving forward into the tournament,” said Galster.

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