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Student athletes gear up for fall season

By Avonlea Cummings

Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter

As the final days of August wane and the echoes of summer vacation recede, athletes lace up their shoes and converge on the fields and courts. Preseason, a period of self-imposed challenges and ambitions for new personal records, beckons athletes to translate their summer practice into tangible achievements. Among these dedicated athletes are the Walpole teams, including the Walpole Field Hockey team, who have been engaging in rigorous sessions throughout the preseason, capitalizing on the additional time before the school year commences.

In tandem with the practice sessions, the girls have also been participating in scrimmages. These practice games serve as a strategic platform for coaches to identify players' optimal positions and harness their strengths on the fields and courts. 

Frequently during scrimmages, coaches rotate players into various positions and combinations to assess their compatibility and performance. Scrimmages hold immense significance during preseason, as they provide coaches with the first opportunity to observe the team in game-like scenarios since the previous season.

Head Coach Jen Quinn eagerly anticipates the upcoming season for the Porkers and is enthusiastic about witnessing the team's growth in terms of advanced skills.

"With seven returning players this year and two others who had significant playing time in the previous season, I'm entering the season with a highly optimistic outlook. With only two spots to fill, we can delve directly into more advanced strategies. Our non-league schedule is formidable, featuring matchups against unfamiliar teams. I'm excited to witness the girls' performance," said Quinn.

The Porkers showcased an outstanding performance last year, concluding their season with an impressive 19-1 record. Walpole boasts a total of 18 fall sports teams this season, encompassing eight varsity squads. The 2023-2024 season presents a fresh start, inviting athletes to embark on remarkable journeys in each competition. It promises to be an exhilarating period to witness the remarkable talents from each sport.

Mark your calendars for the home openers and join in celebrating your local Timberwolves as they embrace the fall season. The schedule can be accessed at

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