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Med Lax celebrates their youth

By Avonlea Cummings
Hometown Weekly Sports Reporter
Being a captain is so much more than putting on your captain’s band, it is a symbol of dedication, determination, and leadership. It is a symbol of care and commitment a player has to their teammates and the countless hours practicing their sport. Being a captain is something many young athletes dream of.

The Med Lax program has been celebrating its youth for a long time, raffling off tickets for the youth to be titled as a ‘Captain for the day’ a tradition that is cherished by many. Recently, head coach John Isaf and his boy’s lacrosse team celebrated a couple of third graders honoring them as a captain for a day.
Will Rumel and Taylor Tavern won a raffle at Medfield Day to be youth captain for a day. The boys acted as captains for Boys Medlax when Boys Medlax faced Dedwood at home. The two boys are in 3rd grade and were excited to act as youth the Captains for a Day with the team. Will Rumel is #40 and Taylor Tavern is #44.

“We’ve done a lot to create and maintain a connection between our youth and high school program. We raffle off our captains for a day to help youth players come to stay with our varsity program and see what our captains do for the day. They are in the huddle with us, during pregame they are meeting the other team’s captains with our varsity captains, it’s a great way to create some excitement and exposure to the high school program for our youth,” said Isaf.

Aside from celebrating their youth lacrosse players, the Med Lax program has been on fire in their most recent string of games this past week. Battling against Dedham High winning 14-1, blanking past Bellingham 19-5, and surpassing Norton High 25-0 last Thursday, May 4th. Isaf is proud to see the strength in his team but knows there is still more work ahead.

“We try to take it one game at a time, but certainly the goal here is to get into the rhythm of playing really good lacrosse, you know playing the way that Med Lax has always played. We need to play to our standards no matter what the score is, so we will be focusing on doing the work that we put into practice in the games,” said Isaf.

Med lax hosts another league competition on Thursday, May 11th against Hopkinton High at 6:30 pm.

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