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Thank you for Responding to Hate with Love

Dear friends and neighbors,

On Thursday, May 16th our home and Chabad Jewish Center was targeted in a despicable hate crime. The response to it by our friends and neighbors has been love.

We are extremely grateful to the first responders, the Needham police department and all of the state and federal law enforcement agencies for their tireless efforts from the moment this crime happened until now, as they work to find the arsonist. The compassion they have shown our family and the professionalism in which they work is phenomenal.

We thank our many friends and neighbors who showed up at our door with love, care, and concern. The outpouring of support and love was truly heartwarming and overwhelming.

On Saturday night May 18th hundreds of people came to a beautiful Havdalah ceremony that took place in front of our home organized by members of the community. We received flowers from friends and people whom we have never met, donations from people we don't know, and the phone calls and cards from so many of you. We have gained a new appreciation for the special community we are blessed to live in.

We have learned from our mentor the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of blessed memory that we must not only persevere in trying times, but grow from any setback that comes our way, how much more so after a deliberate act of hate.

At Chabad our mission has always been to spread the light of Judaism to our fellow Jews and to lend a helping hand to all in need. You have supported us in our time of need and we will increase our efforts to help you in your times of need or at any other time.

To our friends and neighbors of all faiths, please join us in fighting hate and bigotry in any and all of its forms. Although we must combat hate in every way possible, we must never be defined by it. We must all become better people and spread morality, love and peace, making the world a better place by doing acts of goodness and kindness.

To our Jewish brothers and sisters, we must fight the growing threat of antisemitism in every way possible wherever and however it may rear its ugly head. At the same time, our Judaism must not be defined by antisemitism nor by our enemies. We should be proud Jews who do our best to fulfill our mission on earth and follow G-d's Torah. We should only become stronger, prouder and more united as a response to such hateful acts.

We hope that acts of hate never happen again in our town or anywhere else and that we as a community only experience safety, security and peace.

Thank you again for all of your love and support,

Rabbi Mendy and Chanie Krinsky and family
Chabad Jewish Center

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