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Seniors craft with Officer Scolponeti

By Madison Butkus

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Officer Kelley Scolponeti returned to The Center at The Heights on Wednesday to host her renowned 'Crafts with Kelley the Cop' event. This monthly gathering, scheduled every second Wednesday, offers senior women the opportunity to create crafts with a thematic twist based on the holidays of the respective month. On the most recent Wednesday, twelve women participated, crafting a "Home Sweet Home" door sign in honor of Mother's Day.

Reflecting on the origins of the class, Officer Scolponeti remarked, "Two years ago, when we initiated this class, we started on Zoom due to the Covid pandemic. Initially, we had a group of six participants, but the attendance gradually expanded to accommodate twenty individuals in the physical classroom, with a waiting list to join." It is no surprise that this craft event has garnered such a strong interest. The women involved spoke highly of their enjoyment of the event and praised the creativity and innovation displayed in each craft.

Officer Scolponeti reciprocated the affection for the event, noting, "This class has a dedicated group of regular attendees, and although there's plenty of laughter and jokes, the participants are genuinely committed to their craft." The women often take their own artistic path while following Officer Scolponeti's guidance, adding a unique touch to their creations.

When asked about the craft for the most recent Wednesday, Officer Scolponeti explained, "It's funny that you ask because I buy materials and put them together as the day progresses. We made a door hanging with the theme 'home sweet home,' incorporating elements such as sunflowers, beads, wood, paint, mod-podge, and various other materials." These resourceful ladies have also repurposed old lamps to create bird baths and transformed plastic shutters into 3D snowmen.

The objective behind each craft is to utilize collected or recycled items and explore their creative potential. Lenore McCarthy, Officer Scolponeti's assistant, mentioned that while Scolponeti typically doesn't have a specific craft in mind, she consistently delivers thoughtful and engaging projects each month.

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