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Pre-School Palooza delivers pre-Halloween treats

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By Laura Drinan
Hometown Weekly Reporter

The preschoolers could hardly contain their excitement. Their costumes were ready and the promise of buckets and bags full of candy was just a day away. Halloween was on its way, but the children couldn’t wait.

The Needham Free Public Library’s librarians knew just how to help.

To give the preschoolers a sneak peek of the tricks and treats the holiday would bring was the library’s “Pre-School Palooza,” during which children were invited to listen to Halloween-themed stories, parade around the library, and create spooky crafts.

Children’s Librarian Elise Katz welcomed the children with a handful of the library’s Halloween stories, including Sean Taylor’s “I Want To Be in a Scary Story,” which followed a little monster’s journey to be a character in a chilling tale.

Some of the children gave their costumes a test run at the library, showing off their trick-or-treating outfits as Elise read to them and gave them a preview of the post-parade crafts.

Soon, the preschoolers flaunted their costumes to all in the library, as they parading around the first floor while Elise sang a Halloween version of “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” Dressed as Disney characters, pirates, witches, and a peacock, the children weaved through the shelves of books as they sang along with Elise.

While the costumed kids marched, library-goers looked up from their books and newspapers, smiling as they watched the spectacle.

Once the children grabbed a piece of candy from the librarians, they rushed into the STEAM Room of the Children’s Library to start on the many spooky crafts awaiting them. With some help from their parents and caregivers, the preschoolers created “scribble monsters,” white and orange sponge painted ghosts, and cotton ball ghosts to take home - just in time for the holiday.

“We’ll do the parade every year and honestly, I think it’s more for the adults to enjoy seeing the kids walk around the library singing. It’s really cute,” said Elise, as she kept the crafting tables well stocked with paint, glue, cotton balls, and ghosts. “But we’ll do a story for them and some crafts, and it’s really fun.”

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