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Needhamite speaks at WPL

by Elizabeth Connolly
Hometown Weekly Reporter

On the evening of April 13th, the Walpole Public Library (WPL) hosted its second Needhamite author in as many weeks when they welcomed Dr. Robert Brooks to speak.

Dr. Brooks, who has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has authored or co-authored well over a dozen books, was there to present “Nurturing Resilient Children in our Homes and Schools”. This enlightening and thoughtful lecture discussed a number of strategies to help caregivers and educators increase resiliency among the children in their care. Ideas included expanding empathy and making more seemingly small, meaningful connections. “Years ago, I was writing a book about school climate,” he explained. “I was asking people about memories of school. I was struck by how many people said that their most positive or negative impact was a comment, a gesture or a smile.” He followed this with several powerful examples of teachers making positive impacts on students with small acts of kindness.

A couple of audience members had come from Somerville to hear the lecture. “I love what he has to say,” one of them said. “I get his monthly articles via email and was very excited to come today to hear him speak.”

Dr. Robert Brooks has a number of informative audio and video clips on his website, as well as a list of both published materials and his upcoming speaking schedule.
This event was sponsored by the Friends of the Library. A list of upcoming events can be found at

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