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Needham kids make music with Blissful

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Reporter

Parents and infants traveled to the NFPL for an enriching morning of music. Music at the Blissful sang kiddos into the weekend with rhythmic guitar beats and crafty foundational learning. 

Blissful’s Evan Haller encouraged kids to work on fine motor skills by pointing and waving “hello” at the beginning of class. Haller also offered classic singalongs to parents, such as: “Wheels on the Bus” and “If You’re Happy and you Know It.” 

“Your voice is beautiful and your child loves to hear the sound of your voice. Sing loud enough for them to hear you,” Haller heartened. 

“The Little Green Frog” incorporated gentle music as well as fun silly sounds. Kids paid great attention and followed Haller’s instructions as well as parents’. Working on hand-eye coordination, Haller walked around with a bubble machine. Kids jumped to their feet and popped bubbles to their heart’s content. 

Other props such as hand clappers and a parachute excited children to learn and play. Both children and parents explored sound and developed some pre-reading skills with rhyming. Replacing words with hums, kids participated and sharpened their language skills. 

Blissful’s mission, according to their website is “to create music and experiences where children and families can grow and learn and become the best versions of themselves. [Haller] brings together communities to help foster a deeper sense of belonging and elevate everyone's mood, education, and connection.” Haller’s songs such as “The Burrito Song” and “Boom Chicka Boom” have upbeat and repetitive tones that kids love. Families left the event humming and smiling in anticipation for the next visit. 

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