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Kira Seamon to exhibit at library

As part of Art in Bloom, innovative photographer Kira Seamon will display her eye-catching photos of fall foliage trees and debut her new “flower eggs” at the Needham Library throughout the month of March. "Stained Glass Sky" showcases stunning autumn trees in a unique fashion ranging from the delicate to the dramatic.

Kira's kaleidoscope photography recombines the leaves and branches of those colorful trees into fascinating new shapes and patterns reminiscent of stained glass. Bold textures come to life through her focusing on the bark of the various trees ranging from red and orange sugar maples, to the pristine white bark of birch, and including rare ornamental trees with dramatic exfoliating bark of multiple colored layers.

She is pairing this for the first time with her unique “flower eggs,” photos of flowers which she has "bent" into pleasing egg shapes. These "flower eggs" will be dramatically paired with her “Stained Glass Sky" fall foliage photography, for a vibrant and cheerful explosion of color to welcome the coming of Spring.

Kira is truly an artist in bloom, and very excited to share her colorful art with the Needham community.

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