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Cultivating spiritual connections at the CATH

By Madison Butkus

Hometown Weekly Reporter

Back by popular demand, Medium Cathy Ripley Greene returned to The Center at The Heights (CATH) in Needham! This event was open to the general public and the room was far from empty in anticipation for an incredible evening! 

According to Greene’s website, “As a Medium, I connect with and communicate with those loved ones who have passed to spirit. It is my belief that we never die, we just change. As I like to say, we are always alive, either here in physical form or in non-physical form. I have come to know that we are spiritual beings here having human experiences and that when we are finished, no matter how long or short that experience might be, we return to that which we came from – pure positive energy, also referred to as Spirit.” 

The crowd in attendance displayed a mix of those who have experienced Mediumship before and those who have not. Before starting the session, Greene made sure to explain her process and how the night would transpire. She stated, “The beauty of this session, we love doing groups because we get to share these experiences with the people who are here in the room with us. And when we share these experiences, it can be that someone you love might come right up to you and say something that resonates with you, but it could also relate to someone else in the room as well. It’s something that I like to call ‘piggybacking’ that’s going on. So what we are doing tonight is called Mediumship. I don’t see any dead people, but in my head, I know them. And I don’t hear them, but in my head, I hear my mind speaking for them since they no longer have a voice box.” 

As the session began, Greene played a rendition of the song “Over the Rainbow” and told audience members to close their eyes and just relax. The lights were dimmed as some already started to tear up. Greene expressed that during any time within this session, one could become quite anxious or get an upset stomach which is totally normal since that can be a loved one channeling through them. 

As the night went on, Greene was able to connect with an array of loved ones, either mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, etc. Many were shocked at some of the things that Greene stated, realizing that there was no way of her knowing any of those things prior to this Mediumship session. 

This aspect is rather important for Greene within her process. She had previously stated that when a spirit comes through to her, she wants to be able to give their loved ones details and specifics so that they know exactly who they are talking to. It is as if Greene is given the puzzle pieces from past loved ones, and it is up to us to fully put them together. 

No matter what you experienced at this Mediumship, the overall atmosphere was comforting and welcoming. It gave those an opportunity to speak with loved ones who may not be here physically, but are still with us spiritually. For many, that meant the absolute world to them. 

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