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Zullo Holiday Exhibit showcases local artists

By Lauren Schiavone
Hometown Weekly Staff

The Zullo Gallery’s new 2022 Holiday Exhibit displays over sixty affordable and stunning pieces of art from eight local artists native to the greater Boston area. Artists include Lissa Banks, Dave Biedrzycki, Melanie Guerra, Nadine Kaissi, Tracey Maroni, Melissa Riley, Kimberly Stoney and Kim Weineck. Pieces range in medium from photography to oil paintings, showcasing the talent and diversity across the community.

No one artist in the show is quite like the others.

Lissa Banks’ ink-on-paper submissions are whimsical and charming. She incorporates geometrical shapes, line drawings, animals and vibrant colors. “When Hedges Fly” appears as a connected system of color, pattern, and zany animals. 

Dave Biedrzycki creates digital art and has physical copies made. “Dragon Boy” depicts deep imagination and childhood adventure. His other works include robots, puppies and people. The dynamic textures, especially in “Santa’s New Jet Cover Art” show great contrast with shadow and fine detail. It is evident Biedrzycki has experience using various brushes and bringing emotion to the subjects. 

Melanie Guerra’s photography displays an excellent utilization of contrast. “Hosta Bloom I” and “Jelly Dance” use a stark black background to make the pistil of the hosta flower and tentacles of jellyfish pop.

Tracey Maroni’s mixed media blocks use textures of paint and fiber to evoke feeling. “Crescent Moon No. 1” and “Terra II” especially have mixed elements that add dimension to the simple, yet mesmerizing artwork.  

“Medfield Meeting Pond” is a photograph of gorgeous reflection on one of Medfield’s most picturesque spots. Nadine Kaissi uses nature, mainly trees, as well as geometric architecture and closeups of buildings, to create rich stories through photographs.

Kim Weineck’s lovely pastels and gouache pieces use scenery and sunsets as the forefront with a palate of beautiful rich blues, healthy greens, and neutral browns. Scenes like “Summer Vacation” transport the viewer to a simpler, sunnier time. These paintings serve as memories and reminders of the beauty in nature.

The mixed media of Kimberly Stoney’s collages in “Your Dreams are Just as Weird as Mine” and “Make it Up as We Go Along” are bright and inviting. Warm yellows and pinks against arresting grays and light blues with shifting patterns make a lovely statement in the abstract vein. 

Oil and pastel artist Melissa Riley, meanwhile, paints in a gentle way, brushing colors along the canvas to capture a near-perfect world. Accents in “Nor’Easter” and “Dunes #1” beautifully capture the transitional sky and rolling hills.

Zullo Gallery is an incredible space where Medfielers can congregate and immerse themselves in local culture. The art at the Zullo is ever-changing, as the gallery rotates an average of six displays a year. The open, naturally well-lit studio space offers a wonderful opportunity to slow down and see things from a different perspective.

The 2022 Holiday Exhibit is currently on display until January 8. A free artists reception and holiday party will be held next Thursday, December 8, from 6-9 p.m., and are both open to all. Further information is available at

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